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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

City Online Services Ltd, (referred to as COL) is a registered and licensed Internet and Internet Telephony Service Provider. Any individual/entity subscribing to the services offered by COL are hereunder referred as the ‘subscriber’.

1. Service

COL Provide its services via wire / wireless, which requires us to install and power a COL Box(City Online Network Terminator) at my premises. I accept this requirement and hereby accord the permission for installing this CONT box and give power for the same, so that COL internet services may be installed and commissioned..


New COL subscribers are billed on 1st of the month subsequent to the month in which they have subscribed to COL services.

COL does the billing for its monthly packages one month in advance. All subscribers of COL’s services are by default aligned to the 1st to 1st monthly billing cycle.

COL does the billing for its fixed term packages (like Annual, Semi Annual etc packages) from the date on which package is activated till the date the package expires.

COL bills its data package to customers on post paid basis. All usage which excces the package limit of a particular month is billed in the next month bill cycle.

COL invoice becomes due a payable, immediately upon the bill being raised.

3. Payment

At the time of subscribing to COL’s data services, the subscriber is required to pay the following charges.

Installation charges, if required as per the terms of the package being subscribed to

Security Deposit, if required as per the terms of the package being subscribed to

Any other charges as may be reequired as informed by COL sales staff to the subscriber.

COL subscribers are required to pay their bills immediately on receipt of the same, else the services may be disconnected without notice.

Billing disputes will only be entertained upon the subscriber first cleaning the entire amount billed by COL. If COL finds any genuine errors in its billing, the same will be passed to the subscriber by the way of a credit note in subsequent months.

COL provides multiple monthly services to its subscribers, and its subscribers and not allowed to hold back or delay payments of one service on account of any issues or concerns that subscriber may have with another service in such circumstances. COL retains the right to disconnect the services of the subscriber without notice, incase of non payment within prescribed time.

COL assigns credit limits to its subscribers based on certain paramenters, and in case the subscribers cross these limits, they will be disconnected from the COL service with or without notice.

4. Power

COL delivers its services using the wire / wireless netwok. An active network requires power from the subscriber and COL subscriber accords. His/Her/ Their consent to the same for the duration of their subscription to COL services.

COL subscriber undertakes to never switch off the power to any COL equipment which may be located in the premises of the subscriber, without giving adequate notice of at least 7 days to enable COL to make alternate arrangements at the time of servies being discontinued. Any violation of the same will be treated as a breach of this agreement.

5. Shifting your connection

COL allows its customers to request for a connection transfer in case you are shifting your residence/office. The same is a chargeable service and it subject to network feasibility.

6. Usage of Wi-Fi

Usage of Wi-Fi by a subscriber is strictly required to be in compliance with the Department of Telecommunication Policy on the same(www.dot.gov.in), The subscriber is requ;ired to intimate COL in advance in case they are instaling a Wi-Fi Router or Access Point on the connection provided by COL subscriber is requried to ensure that his router SSID is in hidden mode and the access to the same is not pen and is controlled by way of a Network key/encription key subscriber’s may also opt to use the centralised managed Wi-Fi Routers provided by COL, in order that COL can ensuree complicance with the Wi-Fi policy and rules, in case the subscriber’s are not able to ensure compliance on their own with these requirements.

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